TomTom Spark Music Large Sky Captain/Scuba Blue


Carry over 500 songs without carrying your phone. Store your playlists on your wrist and listen to them wirelessly during your workout. Capture every active minute of your day. Sprints, strolls, stairs, steps. Every active minute counts. Tracking your moves all day, it all adds up to time, distance and calories burned.

Product Features

  • Workout with music, not with your phone
  • Track your activity all day
  • Switch mode to mix up your training. Run. Bike. Gym. Swim. Treadmill.
  • Time. Distance. Speed. Pace. Calories burned. Live stats, on the go.
  • Stay motivated. Activate audio feedback on your performance as you workout.

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Tony Bushell says May 28, 2016

This product is great This product is great. However I am giving it 4 stars because the USB cable that I got is faulty and I don’t see any option to order the cable alone other than from TomTom direct. It would be nice to have the cable available on Amazon . Fortunately I also bought one for my wife and hers works fine. My cable charges but is not allowing the device to be recognized on the computer. To transfer music I have to use my wife’s cable. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to workout…

D.K. Andaen says May 28, 2016

Horizontal “fuzzy” TV glitch, too complicated for my parents to use, was decent when it worked, but it didn’t work long… When it worked it was great but after a few days the screen started looking like a fuzzy television with horizontal lines crossing the watch face. The only way to temporarily get rid of it was to reset the watch using the TomTom MySports Connect Application (I was using it under Windows 7 & Windows 10). After that it worked fine again for a few days and then the fuzzy TV issue again. Although I found it easy to figure out, I had purchased this one and a pink one for my parents who…

Anonymous says May 28, 2016

Very disappointed with this product that was purchased as a gift for our daughter. Had a lot of difficulties with the watch functioning correctly. Connecting Bluetooth headphones was hit or miss even after they were paired. Also getting the GPS signal was not consistent, we would leave it outside for 15 minutes and it would not always connect. Then it would lose her runs and not sync up with the software. We tried updating the firmware and reloading it multiple times, but that only…

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