Samsung Charging Cradle for Gear S


Having this Samsung charging cradle with you while you are on the road is very helpful in case your S Gear has run out of charge. So if you are like using the Sat nav on the S gear you do not want it to run out of charge while you are trying to find your way. All you have to do is plug in your S Gear with the charging cradle and you are good to go. The good news is that the charging cradle from Samsung is touted as one of the best product s to have hit the market.

The pros of using a Samsung charging cradle

Stated to be a very useful device put out by Samsung, let us look at why it has become so popular.
* This device is extremely portable and you can take it anywhere
* You can even charge your S gear while you are traveling in your car as this charging cradle has clips that will hold your device in place.
* The can snap on to your device very easily when you are not using it
* The charging cradle can store good amount of power
* Since this has the ability to store power for long hours you do not need any alternative source of power.
* Simply clip the S gear on to this charging cradle you your device will begin charging.
* The charging cradle is of very high quality and will last for a very long time.
* This also comes with a warranty
So now that you have read the pros it is evident why this device has gained so much popularity with the people all over the world.

The cons of the Samsung Charging Cradle for Gear S

Just like any other product that hits the market has its share of drawbacks and so this charging cradle from Samsung does not fall far behind. Users have complained that the clips are prone to breakage after a couple of months of usage. Certain other users have complained about the fact that this device cannot retain enough charge and that the charging cradle is useless. Well it is evident that the product may not appeal to everyone but it is still selling very well in the market.

A complete analysis on Samsung Charging Cradle for Gear S

There is no doubt that this product is very unique and a top performer all the way. The product has a battery built into it that powers the device. You can charge your S Gear device directly from this device. Micro USB to USB cable included.


Well if you use an S gear quite a bit then you should buy this device at any cost. This device packs in a powerful performance and will make sure that your S Gear’s battery is never out of juice.

This product may have certain drawbacks but people are flocking in to buy this device in huge numbers. So there is no reason why you should be left out. Buy the Samsung Charging Cradle Gear without any hesitation and you will not regret it.

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