Hiwatch Bluetooth Android Smart Watch Phone Watch with 8GB Micro SD Card, White (not including SIM Card)


1.Compatible with Android phones only.
2.The smart watch will not work on arrival because of low battery. Please charge it, and it will work.
3. About the battery life
✿The battery will last two days. When connected via Bluetooth, it will last about a day. Actually, the standby time depends on how you use the watch. It depends on if the bluetooth is connected all the time, the number of applications you have opened , the frequency of messages and alerts received, the screen brightness you have set. The battery capacity is about 350mAh. If you keep on using this smart watch all the time, the battery will just last 5-7 hours.
✿Close the unused applications, lower the screen brightness and turn off the bluetooth when you don’t need it. Do not charge the smart watch for a long time so as to prevent damage to your batteries.
4. About the SIM card
✿Sending messages and making a call from this smart watch will need a SIM card. SIM card is not included and need to be prepared by yourself. It can be purchased at any cell phone store and even at stores such as Walmart, Meijers, etc.
✿If you just want to receive the massage, it doesn’t need SIM card, just need to connect the smart watch with your phone via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection range is 16.4ft.
5. About the pedometer
In order to avoid statistical errors when counting the steps, we need to ensure that users are really doing sport instead of usual shaking their hands when start the pedometer, so when designing the pedometer function of this smart watch, we make the pedometer start counting the steps after 10 consecutive steps. In other words, when you take the 11st step, the pedometer start to counts steps and it will show 11 in the pedometer interface. When you have take 12rd steps, it will show 12. And so on.

Product Features

  • ✿DISPLAY✿— 1.54″ TFT LCD touch screen with resolution of 240 x 240 offers accurate control and navigation.
  • ✿CALLING FEATURES✿— Make and receive phone calls through Bluetooth connection with your phone. Or simply install SIM card to Hiwatch to enjoy the same features.(▲SIM card is not included and need to be prepared by yourself.)
  • ✿HEALTH FEATURES✿— Sedentary reminder that reminds you to move around in a designated time. Pedometer records steps, burnt calories, walking speed, walking distance, and time duration. Sleep monitor tracks sleeping quality.
  • ✿SMART PHONE FEATURES (Android phones only)✿— Hands-free calling, text message, phonebook sync, music player, and notification alerts for weather, social media, email, texts and calls.【In order to improve the standby time, please close the unused applications and the bluetooth should remain off when you don’t need to use them】
  • ✿HIWATCH FEATURES✿— Stopwatch, sedentary reminder, pedometer, sleep monitor, camera, music player, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, web browser (need to insert SIM card), and video recorder. 8G Micro SD included.WARRANTY- 12-month warranty repair warranty, 2-month hassle-free return.

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