EasySMX Bluetooth Dual model Waterproof Smartwatch Review

About EasySMX Bluetooth Dual model Waterproof Smartwatch

If you are a smartwatch lover, busy business person or just an android product enthusiast the development and production of the EasySMX dual model smartwatch is great news to any android watch enthusiast or user. It is the fast of its kind and comes with a dual-core processor of CPU speed of 1.2Ghz RAM. Just when you thought, it couldn’t get better, the smartwatch has an android OS 4.4 commonly known as Kitkat. It is also waterproof and therefore, a little water cannot get in the way of your communication. It also works quite well as an accessory and gives that edge in anyone’s look.

EasySMX-Bluetooth-Dual-model-Waterproof Smartwatch is Bluetooth enabled, as the name suggests, and uses Bluetooth 4 meaning that its connection to the smart phone is pretty fast and stable. It is only 40 g in weight and has a raise my hand bright screen mechanism where the user simply raises his hand and the screen automatically lights up. Since it has a dual-core processor of CPU speed of 1.2 GHz RAM, it is pretty fast and doesn’t disappoint.

The Smartwatch is waterproof a little water or sweat cannot get in way of your communication experience. It also has an in built GPS system to help you navigate the world if you are a business person or just traveling the world. For the Internet lovers, it can connect with any WiFi network and allow you to browse the Internet and stream videos or even music. It can download any kind of APK hence allows you to continue with your social media life and get the latest news update or trending topics anywhere, anytime. It allows hands-free calls in case you are busy shopping, taking a walk or even driving.

As much as the EasySMX-Bluetooth-Dual-model-Waterproof Smartwatch is waterproof, you cannot plunge your hand in water with it, neither can you swim while wearing it. Additionally, it has to be wiped immediately it gets into contact with water or sweat. Its screen is not the biggest, and one can strain to look at the notifications. The smartwatch is just compatible to Samsung and HTC smart phones hence one can just use it if you have the two.

Despite the few disadvantages it might have, i would definitely put the EasySMX smartwatch in my wish list. It comes with so many amazing features that are easy to use. Apart from that, its processor Speed is quite fast, and you do not have to wait for notifications to load. It also comes in three amazing colors that can match with any outfit for fashion lovers; gold, black and white. Its ability to use any APK is also a great chance to keep contacts with the rest of the world even though WiFi connection. It also has an amazing voice recording feature that can enable to record calls or any important conference meeting.
Therefore, if you are a busy business person or just a smartwatch enthusiast, you should definitely get it from any shop or better yet order it from Amazon.com or Alibaba. Get your EasySMX-Bluetooth-Dual-model-Waterproof Smartwatch and get started with your smartwatch experience.

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