Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy


You have already purchased your smartwatch, and it has been packaged with charging accessories like USB cables. All you need to do is plug it into your PC or phone and you are good to go. Even smart watches need charging, especially when they have been designed to do extra work in the same way smart phones do. Nevertheless, there are always shortcomings, for instance you can be out of reach for your PC, or phone. You get it now? You never know, and that is why you need charging docks. And a portable one is even better. But the problem is we have a lot of charging docks for your android wear in the market today, and if you love yourself, you will go for the best as well. Luckily for you, this article takes a look at Jet Black charging dock from Samsung.

Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy

If you thought Samsung only gives you the best phones in the market, well its time you started thinking outside the box like them. Samsung gives you a wide range of tech products, from phones, android watches, PCs, among others like power banks, and charging docks.

Samsung smartwatch chargers come in various colours but only the Jet Black and Oatmeal Beige are sold separately. The Jet Black gear come with the following features:

* NFC Pairing
* A nice Interface
* Micro USB cable
* Charging dock

Pros and Cons of the Jet Black


• Can connect with a PC or dedicated charger using the 5-pin data cable to begin charging.

• Has the NFC tag inside

• Pairing your Galaxy Gear with your Galaxy Smart Phone, Tablet or PC is only one time.

• It is portable

• You can wear the gear

• Comes with full operating instructions

• The gear provides a compact size.

• The dock is also light in weight.

• Easy style for you

• It comes with an app downloading functionality


• Some features of the Jet Black gear may be limited when charging.

You can always follow the link below to check out this amazing gear

• The gear comes with case for SM-V700 Samsung Original Genuine Part.

• It is 100% genuine, no replicas.

• The dock is easy to work with. This has been seconded by other customers who have reviewed the product, nevertheless, they have added that it is pocket friendly.

Before you go on line to make your choice, by selecting your best tech from the numerous products available in the market, you already know the best product. So don’t spend your money on replicas and products that don’t have genuine guarantees, because you have to admit, its not easy to make that choice on exactly who and where to get your kit from. Worry not, your problem has been solved.

Finally, its with no doubt that the Jet Black is one of the best android smartwatch products in the market today. Getting somewhere without access to power is a real pain. You carry wires around that end up in knots. You do need power for your device, however.

I recommend getting an extra Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy for your Galaxy gear smart watch to ensure you always have a good power source available. This way you can have one at your workstation and one you can bring with you when you’re away. It’s a great way to ensure you always have plenty of power without having to spend a fortune on extra gear.

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