Apple Watch 38mm Silver Aluminum Case Review


About Apple Watch 38mm Silver Aluminum Case

What’s the hottest thing since sliced bread? Smart watches. After more than a decade of freedom for our wrists, they are once again to be burdened, or if you will, enriched by carrying a device that can tell the time. However, smart watches, of which it’s hard to deny the Apple Watch is one of the very best, can do so much more than merely help you tell the time. In the case of the Apple Watch, it brings the power of the iPhone to your wrists. Not quite your fingertips, but about as close as it can possibly get. It is a device that can do almost anything you can do with an iPhone. The main difference is it is much smaller and far easier to carry around and get to. No more messing around in your pocket whenever you hear or feel a message. Now you can simply take a quick look at your watch to see if it is something you actually need to spend time looking at.

However, that’s not all there is to it. This particular sample of the watch comes with a very comfortable sports band that makes it extremely well suited as a fitness tracker. You already know of all the fitness tracking apps available for your iPhone. You probably even have one of those things that let you run around with your iPhone on your arm. It makes you look really classy right? Well, the Apple watch can use those very same apps, and will actually be comfortable and stylish to wear when you run around.

The addition of a heart-rate monitor makes the Apple Watch an even better fitness tracking tool than your iPhone ever had a chance of being. Now, you can track everything related to your fitness. And you can see just how many calories you burn at any given time while you’re working out. That is something you couldn’t imagine doing in a way that was really that smart with you iPhone.

In short, the Apple Watch with a sports rubber band does double duty and serves as a great fitness tracker like no smart phone can ever do. However, that is not all it does. It allows you to play games, stay connected, and stay social.

I’m one of those who don’t always see what’s so great about new devices. I’m slightly conservative when it comes to things like that. I mean, obviously it’s pretty neat, but do I really need it? I was very skeptical when the iPad was launched. I mean it wasn’t quite a phone, and it wasn’t quite a computer so how useful could it be? Suffice to say I was proven wrong.

With the Appe Watch, we have a device that already has a proven and useful purpose in telling the time. Now, my time piece comes with a lot of extra cool features that allow me to organize my life and keep my fitness goals. The fact that it looks great is just an added bonus.

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