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Best Android Smart Watches To Buy In 2017

Smartwatches are designed for making you even more comfortable and it conserves your time to a great extent. It offers variety of features on your wrist. Most people may not be familiar with the specifications of smartwatch prevailing in the market. For knowing the features you can search through the internet and also if you want to own an ideal watch you can refer to the above buying guide

Here are the most prominent things to see before buying a smart watch.

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    Don’t buy a smart watch without knowing it’s compatibility with your smart phone.
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    If you are a fitness freak then buy a watch with GPS and heart rate sensor
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    Usually, smartphone with e-paper display may last for a long period on a charge. So, be cautious with the battery life of the device.
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    Choose the smart watch that displays time even when it is not in use.
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    Check the watch band’s buckle and clasp for ensuring its easy handling capability.
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    You also need to consider the features, designs and apps in your smart watch before confirming your purchase.

OS and Device Compatibility

Since most smart watches are designed as a companions to your smart phone, it’s compatibility with your device is equally important. Android smart watches are available for various devices like Samsung, Huawei, LG and others. Additionally, these are compatible with android 4.3 and other higher standard smartphones. You can check the compatible of your device with the help of Google just by visiting from the browser of your smartphone. Even some android watches are compatible with iPhone, but many features are not available when it is connected to iOS device. Ultimately, checking OS compatibility is important while buying an android smart watch.

Display and style

It’s wise to choose a smartwatch that keeps you comfortable every day. You need to consider whether it’s perfect on your wrist. You also need to review the watch face display of your smartwatch.


Mostly smartwatches are designed in variety of designs and styles just to attract the users and some are compatible with watch band standards like 16mm, 20 nm and 22 nm. You can change these bands to personalize the look of your device. Some straps are easy to use and also have a quick release, and this makes your task even easier. Watches with classic style resemble more like a traditional watch while other watches have a flexible silicone watches. These flexible silicone watches are actually a good choice since it’s perfect for outdoor and fitness related activities.

Display and style

It’s wise to choose a smartwatch that keeps you comfortable every day. You need to consider whether it’s perfect on your wrist. You also need to review the watch face display of your smartwatch.

Display features


Usually, LCD display employs backlight for producing images on the screen. LCD screen in accordance with reflective designs are the best since it performs well in the sunlight and in other bright settings.


OLED and AMOLED are capable of illuminating each pixel individually, and it produces more contrast ratios. Additionally, they are thin and consume less power when compared to other kind of smartphone display.

Black and White

Black and white screens are the perfect choice if you are looking for less power consumption feature and some screens have e-paper display which helps to view your screen when you are in outdoor without any glare.

Water resistant/water proof

If you are going to use your device for outdoor activities like biking, then it’s good to buy a smart watch with water-resistant capability. You need to review the specifications cautiously for knowing its water resistant capability.

Chemically strengthened glass

Another prominent feature to consider is the chemically strengthened glass because in your daily life you may face so many dust or damages. Fortified glass watches need to be preferred since they are designed with the ability to handle wear and tear in your day-to-day life.


Smartwatches are designed with the capability to display the incoming messages, calls, emails, missed calls, social media posts, remainders, alarms and much more. Most watches can be customized according to your preferences. You can customize things like notifications and the icons that need to be displayed on the home screen.

Some smartwatches allows you to make or receive incoming phone calls like Bluetooth headsets. Overall, buying a smartwatch with cumulative of all the above features is ideally perfect for use.

Special Features

Special features vary for different devices and so you need to dig through the internet for buying a best product that suits you in your daily life. Here are the features to consider:

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    Voice control- Generate voice commands, receive and send text messages, and much more.
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    Music- Store’s music in the internal memory of your device or lets you to download the app for accessing music on your smartphone.
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    Activity Trackers- If you are a fitness freak, then you can go for a device with built-in pedometer, heart rate monitor, accelerometer or other technology.
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    Link alarm- Generates an audible alarm when you are out of wireless coverage.
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    GPS- You can track your location or and find a way around town.


Finally, smartwatches are bounteous with variety of smartphone apps. Additionally, new apps are growing at an alarming rate. Most devices let you to customize widgets on the screen for easy accessing at the time of requirement. It’s ideal for various purposes ranging from social media feeds to fitness trackers. Moreover, it’s capable of finding your misplaced phone with the help of phone locator app.